Type One 2x72 Belt Grinder/Sander Frame With Wheels

$459.95 $399.95

4-8 Week Current Lead time

  • Uses 2"x72" grinding/sanding belts
  • Reversible Frame (can be reconfigured to use both CCW and CW rotating motors)
  • Uses .75"x1.5" aluminum tooling arms
  • 3x arm slots with 2 lock down positions each
  • 0.5" spindles for idler wheels and tracking wheel 1/2"-20 threads
  • Includes 8" flat platen attachment
  • Includes adjustable height and angle 4"x7.75" work rest  
  • Adjustable belt tracking
  • Gas strut tensioner with cam lever (can easily change belts with one hand)
  • 2" diameter idler wheels on platen
  • 4" diameter tracking wheel
  • 4", 6" and 8" drive wheel options
Optional accessories (not included):
  • Additional tooling arms for contact wheels
  • Small wheel attachment
  • 4"x11.75" work rest
Any questions or concerns please ask.