KSG 2x72 Vertical to Horizontal Belt Grinder Chassis/Frame DIY Kit


KSG 2x72 Vertical to Horizontal Belt Grinder Chassis/Frame DIY Kit  (Motor and Wheels Not Included)

KSG 2"x72" Belt Grinder Chassis Kit is designed to simplify the process for the DIYer and appeal to a builder on a budget. It gives you a platform for a very affordable, capable and versatile belt grinder.

Due to high demand these grinders will ship 2-3 weeks after time of purchase. Also since these grinders are built by hand I may be able to make changes at your request. Additional cost and lead times may result due to changes. Contact prior to purchasing if you would like changes.

  • Design and hardware may be different from photos due to improvements
  • Finish is left bare and unfinished to keep cost down and may show scratch marks and saw cut rough ends on material

  • Uses 2x72 grinding/sanding belts
  • Uses 0.75"x1.5" aluminum rectangle tooling arms
  • 0.5" spindles for idler wheels and tracking wheel
  • Includes base that allows you to easily flip the grinder from vertical to horizontal
  • Includes flat platen attachment with 7" throat clearance 
  • Includes tooling arm for 8"-12" contact wheels
  • Includes adjustable height and angle 4"x7.75" work rest
  • Includes adjustable height and angle 4"x11.75" work rest with block installed allowing it to go horizontal
  • Adjustable belt tracking
  • Gas strut tensioner with cam lever (can easily change belts with one hand)
  • Mostly 6061 T6 aluminum construction except for plate back plate and work rest
  • Designed to use a 56C TEFC motor but not limited to that style
  • Designed to use 2" diameter idler wheels on platen and 4" diameter tracking wheel but can use other sizes
  • Chassis can be reconfigured to accommodate clockwise and counter clockwise rotating motors (ships in CCW configuration unless otherwise specified)
Optional accessories (not included)
  • Additional tooling arms for contact wheels
  • Small wheel attachment
Any questions or concerns please ask.