GG&G SCAR Enhanced Charging Handle


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The GG&G SCAR Enhanced Charging Handle is a simple solution to the major problem that often arises when mounting optics with a QD lever system to the SCAR MK16, MK17, 16S or 17S. This charging handle is angled downward to allow easy and safe operation of the charging handle and optic mounts! It even clears every optics mounting hardware that GG&G has tried. The GG&G Scar Enhanced Charging handle is manufactured from 4130 ordnance steel and manganese phosphate finished to military specifications.


Ambidextrous: Ambidextrous

Brand: GG&G

Latch Size: Large Latch

Manufacturer: GG&G

Material: Steel - 4130 Chrome Moly

Platform: FN SCAR Rifles