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SRG 1.5

I guess Ill be the first to post here. I searched the web for some time before deciding to purchase this grinder. The design is what sold me on it , strong and moderately light. I have had it for a few days and feel this will be a great addition to the shop. I installed a 2hp 120 volt 3400 rpm motor with an 8" drive pulley. Yes its fast,  I think around 7500SFPM, no it isn't variable speed but since I do fabrication instead of knife work it will be just right.  I have 3 other belt grinders, one I gave to my brother and the other two are already listed for sale. no need to keep them since the SRG will do everything they could do and more.  Pics below and sorry for the messy work area, I was excited to use it and pedestal material isn't here yet.

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I'm French sorry for the poor english

I sharp sugar cane machette in French West Indies. Do you think it's good product to to the blade. I need to do the turn of the blade it's very difficult to have the good angle.

Thxs for the information.

Yes, you can angle the plate to get a good edge. It is a very well built machine that will last many years. I recommend at least a 1.5hp motor. Also look into scotchbrite belts for polishing the the sides of the blade to remove buildup.



Update on belt grinder.

I am a fabricator not a knife maker so keep that in mind as you read this.


The L bracket that holds the table to the arm ended up being a bit under size for the items I need to rest on the table. Below are pictures of the replacement L bracket I made as an upgrade.


I am still very pleased with the design of this machine. Maybe even more so now that I have used it for several months.





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Kyle Kadrmas

Nice Work! The Work rest was carried over from my original KSG grinder which was meant to be an economy machine. I have several new designs in the works and I will start selling them once I get the grinder production under control.